The Fastest Way To Remove Chemicals From Your Body

Eating healthy is very important for maintaining a body clear of dangerous toxins and chemicals, but there are other ways to detox that you should consider adding to your routine. Here are four of the easiest:

Poop more.

Your gut’s bacteria clear around 25% of the toxins and foreign substances you encounter. Being constipated interrupts this process, so it is crucial to keep regular bathroom visits. Eating fiber can help you have one bowel movement each day.


Many cultures have rituals featuring sweat as a purification process. Your sweat glands are very good at removing plastics, heavy metals, and other dangerous things. A sauna is the perfect way to increase your sweating—it leads your blood vessels to dilate, and increases your heart’s output. This actually accomplishes something very close to aerobic exercise!

3. Mud/clay or charcoal.

Clays have been used throughout history to help skin and health. Clay baths for your body or face can extract solvents, heavy metals, and other toxins within your fatty tissues, and activated charcoal can also be used inside these baths. You can also make a diluted clay bath inside a bucket for soaking your feet. Just be sure to dump the muddy water outside so it won’t clog your plumbing!

4. Chlorella and kelp.

Kelp and Algae absorb toxins so they cannot be reabsorbed into your blood. They are not only good for your diet but they can also be applied to your skin, by combining with clay in a bath (as explained above) or inside a seaweed mask. If you use algae, I recommend only using chlorella. Other forms of algae are more likely to be contaminated with dangerous cyanotoxins.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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