The Risks And Benefits Of Microwaving Your Meals

Although microwaves are seen as cancer causers by some, they are not as bad as you might think. In fact, microwaving your meal is a convenient way to eat healthy. However there are certain issues you need to know about. So read on to discover what really happens inside your body when you consume a microwaved meal.

1 — Radiation won’t harm you

Microwaves use radiation to heat food, and some claim radiation can transfer to your food, or even lead to exposure to the person next to the microwave. But according to the FDA, microwaves are not allowed to leak microwave radiation within two inches from the microwave (and only 5 milliwatts at that).

So unless you are pressing your face on the glass, the radiation won’t harm you. Plus, radiation within microwaves use the same electromagnetic waves we get exposed to daily. This same sort of exposure happens when you make bread or even consume any vegetable or fruit that was exposed to the sun.

2 — More vitamins and minerals

When produce is cooked it can remove some of its minerals and vitamins. But, according to Harvard, since microwaves take the least amount of time to cook, that means your food will maintain more minerals and vitamins because it had less time to do this during cooking.

3 — Depending on your meal

If you are eating unhealthy microwaved meals that does not have good nutritional value, then your meal won’t give you the extra minerals and vitamins mentioned above. Usually these microwaved meals are loaded with unhealthy sugars, high sodium, and a large amount of preservatives and chemicals. Instead, try to focus on healthier frozen foods.

4 — You might get chemicals.

This is dependent on what type of container you use to heat your food. According to some experts, when using plastic containers or plastic wrap to heat food, studies show this can raise your risk of ingesting phthalates—which are plastic additives that can leach into your food. Instead, use ceramic or glass to do your heating.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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