‘The Rock’ Shares His Weird Weight Loss Breakfast

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has not hid the fact that he has been working out and training more than he ever has in preparation for his superhero role in the upcoming Black Adam movie.

After months of huge workouts which have led to him getting huge in order to play a superpowered person, Johnson also announced he was finishing his final week of filming the movie. And he has saved the best for the end, giving his Instagram followers a glimpse at his “breakfast of champions” which he has been consuming to perfect his physique in time for his shirtless scenes.

“This is it,” he said in his newest video. “I have to reveal myself next week on film, so my diet is really getting worked on.” He said that he has removed sodium from his diet while at the ending stretch of making the movie, in addition to lowering his water consumption.

The breakfast in his video combines egg whites, flank steak, and brown rice. The dish also includes blueberries, because supposedly sweet and savory is just a construct created by us lesser mortals. “I put it all in, it does not matter,” says Johnson, before going on to explain the ingredients of his concoction, which is really brown rice oatmeal:

“You normally eat, if you are a normal person, with a spoon, but I make it watery and I just gulp it down.” You heard that right; as if his meal was not weird enough, he drinks his oatmeal.

“It’s all for my cause,” he said. “My goal is to raise the bar with this movie, and set a new standard for how it is done…hopefully next week we will bring it home strong.”

The Rock chose wisely for his breakfast ingredients. There are many nutrients in brown rice that help keep your heart healthy. And the egg whites are perfect for building and keeping muscle.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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