The Secret To All-Day Energy?… This Celeb Has It Figured Out

Rob Lowe has been a Hollywood star for over four decades. The 57 year old, during an interview, has revealed some facts about the healthy lifestyle that has helped him stay fit and energetic.

“I was in my mid-30s when I understood I couldn’t eat the way I used to and feel good. So I started a low-carb diet that I did not even really realize was Atkins,” says the star, who is currently an Atkins spokesperson.

Lowe says his low-carb eating has completely changed his health. “It made a huge difference. The biggest thing is that it gave me more energy,” he says.

At 57, Lowe is still performing in roles that are just as physically stressing as the roles he had in his 20s—and he credits his low-carb eating with keeping his body prepared for these roles.

“It ended up keeping me lean, which helps to make me more active, which is helpful for stunts and being on my feet a lot,” says the star.

While Lowe says he is not strict about his eating, he admits to usually eating the same meals every day. For breakfast, the actor goes for Greek yogurt with blueberries, and fresh fish throughout the day.

When he gets a sweet tooth, Lowe goes for an Atkins Milk Chocolate Delight Shake. “It tastes like dessert. That’s my nightly routine. I’m really good in the day, but at night, I want to slip up,” he says.

Though his low-carb diet is crucial for keeping the actor fit, he says that balance is also important. “This is a lifestyle,” he explains, highlighting that he would not stay healthy if he didn’t go for a slice of pizza or ice cream every now and then.

In fact, Lowe recommends anyone trying to get healthier can help themselves by not having an all-or-nothing mindset.

“I always say you’re not going to have willpower all the time,” he says. “Take advantage of when you are strong. Let your body lead you.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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