The Single Best “Exercise” To Fix Lower Back Pain

The Static Back Spot

The “static back” positioning is an exercise that can allow you get rid of your lower back tension.

  1. It causes instantly positive changes in your spine alignment.
  2. It uses no weights, only your own bodyweight to bring your low back muscles into a more optimal tension.
  3. It is easy and allows your muscles to activate and release for both instant and long-term effects.

First Steps

Lie on your back with your legs at a 90 degree angle and over some furniture. Be sure your knees and hips are squared off.

The angle is crucial for this exercise to work. When your knees and hips are angled right with your torso flat, your paraspinal muscles (the muscles around your spine) are activated.

Place your arms at your sides angled at 45 degrees with palms facing up. This angle at your shoulder joint with your palms up will put you into a neutral spot, which will mean a more complete release of your whole spine, not just your lower back.

This allows both sides of your back to balance and gives you an immediate lowering in back pain.

Try to experiment and find different types of furniture to find the right height for you. This is important for getting best results.

How It Should Feel

You might notice your lower back is arched away from the floor. If this is the case, use the information above to ensure your surface is at the right height. Once this is done, relax until your lower back settles into the floor naturally. Don’t force it. By letting your lower back do this naturally, you’re letting the muscles go with gravity for a more permanent change.

This settling routine might take ten minutes, or it could take even longer depending on how tight your body was. You can hold the static back spot up to a full hour or more if needed.

Expect to feel sore and stiff in new places when getting up. You might experience this into the following day. This is because your body is in a new, more correctly aligned position, and its muscles will be used differently.

Tips for Best Results

  • Breathe using your belly.
  • Relax your abs.
  • Relax your whole body, including feet.
  • Don’t hold your phone over your face. Keep your shoulders relaxed into the floor!
  • Don’t force yourself to flatten into the floor. Let gravity work naturally.

The Best Time To Do Static Back

  • First thing after waking to set your body for the day.
  • Right after working out to release tense muscles
  • Before bed for better sleep.

Static back lets gravity work to re-balance your muscles. When your body is off balance, you will have pain and limited motion. Static back helps re-balancing and sets your body up to get even more benefit from weight training.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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