This Diet ‘Tweak’ Heals More Than Just Your Body

Given how cognitive decline has become more of a public health concern, it’s not shocking that studies are increasingly looking for how to support cognitive health as we get older.

A study published recently in Critical Reviews in Nutrition, sought to investigation all research linking the “MIND” diet with greater cognitive function in aging people, and its reputation did not disappoint.

Why this combo diet is so good

The MIND diet is a combination of the Mediterranean diet and DASH diet. It was created for cognitive health. The diet puts a heavy emphasis on specific parts of each of these diets.

While all vegetables are allowed on the MIND diet, it puts a big weight on leafy green vegetables. Another thing that puts the MIND diet apart is its emphasis on eating blueberries and strawberries as your primary source of fruit. The diet also encourages fish and nuts for their own great brain health benefits.

What did the research find and how can you use it?

The new study looked at all research done before 2020, with 13 articles being looked at during the review. The evidence “showed that the MIND diet was connected with cognition function in older adults,” according to the paper.

To take advantage of the MIND diet, even if you don’t plan on following the diet strictly, you should focus on getting leafy greens into your meals every day, eating nuts or berries during the week, and going for omega-3-rich fish once a week.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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