This Gut Bacteria Melts Away Fat (No Exercise Changes Necessary)

For anyone who wants to lose weight, a big obstacle is finding a method that works and sticks. According to the WHO, around 13% of adults were classified as being obese in 2016, meaning they measured a Body Mass Index of 30 or more. 

While diet and exercise has been proven to work, some people have a harder time sticking to such a plan.

So, what if a natural gut bacteria could help you shed your pounds? It sounds too good to be true, but a fresh research study has got people excited.

Dave Asprey recently published the study, done by The Science Times, to his Instagram account. The study discovered that a bacteria, which is called Subdoligranulum, was “almost absent in diabetic and obese people while being present in healthy people.”

“This new study is groundbreaking since people who are obese don’t have this type of bacteria known as dysosmobacter welbionis,” Asprey says.

“What is cool is that this causes your body to form new mitochondria. That’s huge!”

“This is not available in a supplement form, so your best bet is a make-out session with someone who is really healthy so they share their bacteria with you.”

Asprey then wonders “if this is why these fecal transplants work well?”

The findings came as a result of a research study done by Patrice Cani from the University of Louvain, who researched “bacterium is the only cultivated strain from this family that exists, the only member found of a large family.”

It was called Dysosmobacter welbionis, and after looking at its effects inside mice, scientists found “the bacteria boosted the amount of mitochondria, and thus, lowered weight and sugar levels, beyond that it gave strong anti-inflammatory benefits.”

While Asprey says it is “not available yet in supplement form,” its discovery could possibly lead to these supplements existing.

While experts have mixed opinions about the potential usefulness of such a future supplement, they are all in agreement about the benefits of stomach bacteria for health and weight loss and they report that this study is yet more proof that healthy people have healthy belly bacteria.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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