This Superfood Is a COVID-Defense Miracle

Whether you are sautéing them or making a low-carb pizza dinner, bell peppers are a great part of many types of meals. They also make for tasty snacks and are proven to be an excellent way to get fiber and many other vital nutrients.

We understand that bell peppers are very healthy, but there are some positive effects that could surprise you!

1 — They make your brain sharper.

Bell peppers are filled with vitamin C. In fact, bell peppers have greater vitamin C than oranges have! Something many folks don’t know is that vitamin C not only builds immunity and manages high blood pressure, it actually has been proven to support brain function as we get older.

One study published recently in BMC Psychiatry linked people who had a vitamin C deficiency with depression and a slowed cognitive function. While scientists say that more research is needed, there have been numerous studies to reveal the connection between vitamin C and brain functioning over the previous 20 years—including a study from the American Epidemiology Journal, which showed that vitamin C can guard against mild to high levels of cognitive harm.

2 — They help your immunity.

Since COVID-19 is still ongoing, taking better care of your immunity is now more crucial than ever. And bell peppers have a great amount of vitamin A, which is proven to aid in building immune strength.

Most scientists have agreed that better vitamin A intake can guard us from diseases, but the reason for this is still being debated. According to some researchers, it might be due to a vitamin A deficiency hindering your ability to absorb the nutrients you eat through the regeneration of particular intestinal barriers after an infection.

3 — They could help your mood.

Another benefit which many people might not expect to get from bell peppers is that they help boost your mood. Bell peppers have high amounts of vitamin B6, which has been proven to improve mood and lower people’s risk of getting depression. According to a study released in the Metabolic Disease Journal, vitamin B6 can also help with already present symptoms of depression.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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