Top 2 Health Mistakes After 60

Life after 60 can be full of fun, wonder, pleasure and excitement—and also peril. New dangers lurk around ever corner, ones you may have easily defeated when you were younger. But now you are more vulnerable. If you want to stay young and vital then do not make the following mistakes, says the nation’s leading health professionals. Read on for 2 of the most important.

1 — Do not Ignore These Signs of Dementia

Some kinds of memory loss aren’t “normal signs of aging.” There are some dementia signs to look out for. “First, have you seen signs of bad judgment?” asks Doctor Leslie Kernisan. “This means situations or behaviors that could suggest bad decisions.” Some examples are not seeing a safety issue that other people would be worried about, worrisome spending…Second, have you noticed less interest in leisure activities? Has your parent lost interest in their usual activities that use to be things or hobbies they enjoyed? If there is not a health problem like pain or mobility issues that older people sometimes have causing them to not be able to do the things they once did then this could be a sign of thinking problems or memory loss. Third, on the list is repeating oneself. I hear this from providers and families all the time. They say my parent is fine but she repeats the same questions and stories again and again. This is a red flag when it comes to thinking and memory loss.

2 — Don’t Skip your Breakfast

“The best way to start your day is eating breakfast. All moms have said this, right? But it is a great way for a lot of reasons,” Dr. Stella Volpe, nutritionist  said. “If you eat breakfast you will have better body weight and decreased disease and you will also maintain your body weight more than people who don’t eat breakfast, and think they don’t need to eat breakfast because it is more calories. Also people who don’t skip breakfast compared to those who do tend to think better through the day. If you do eat breakfast, you burn about 15,000 more calories a year than those who do not—that is because absorption and digestion take energy. So when you don’t eat breakfast, your body slows your metabolism down because it does not know when you will eat again which makes it hold onto fat more and thinks it is protecting you.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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