Top Marathoner Shares His Secret To All-Day Energy

Ryan Hall has changed to strength training after retiring from the pro running hobby back in 2016, but he is still the fastest American of all time who has the best time in the nation in the half and full marathon. Hall, whose wife Sara is also a top notch competitive runner, frequently reveals the benefit of his running experience and advice via social media, recently giving his best training tips for the day before a large race.

In his new Instagram post, Hall turns his focus to nutrition; especially what and when to have a meal before a race, and what to not eat to have better energy and drive when doing a marathon.

While a high-fiber diet is usually normal for a runner, Hall says that fiber can sap more energy and takes time for the body to process. As the last thing you want for race day is what he calls a “bouncy gut,” his first piece of advice is to keep everything simple. “I always avoid eating high fiber carbs and veggies the day before or the day of a race,” he reports.

Secondly, Hal says you should eat lots of smaller meals, rather than a big meal of carbs. “Eating well during the day before a race can be hard (especially if you are nervous) so many small meals is usually easier to consume and the carbs will probably get stored in your liver and your muscles instead of being stored as fat when consumed slowly,” he says.

He also advises people to avoid simple sugars when choosing their electrolyte drinks, and instead focusing on getting protein sources that are easy to process, such as natural yogurt and the all popular egg whites.

“Stay away from all buffet,” he says. “Who knows how long the food was sitting out. Not worth the risks of getting sick after all your hard training.” And finally, he says keep your meals relatively low in fat for the 24 hours before a race. “This will work better in your stomach,” he says, “and keep you from feeling terrible on the start line.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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