UFC Champion Reveals His Secret Weapon Exercise

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has not fought in over a year since winning against Dominick Reyes, but he’s still inching closer towards his heavyweight debut. 

In a recent video published to his social media, Jones offered a look at how he’s bulking up and adding more size while preparing for heavyweight status, and showed off his “grown man strength” by performing five Zercher squats.

“Eventually I will get that belt,” he predicted in a tweet. “I’m in no rush. I’ll keep building myself and focusing on doing the right stuff, and soon the company will see me as more valuable.”

“The Zercher squat is an advanced squat,” says fitness director Ebenezer Samuel C.S.C.S. 

“You grip the barbell in the crooks of your elbows (which might be painful for some), and by holding it there, you greatly challenge your core, and your mid-back to hold yourself stable as you squat.”

“Start out very light because it takes a while to get used to,” he says. “You’ll get more pressure from the weight to bring your chest up. This is not something to toy with if you are new to doing squats. Instead, begin with goblet squats, then go to front squats.”

If you’re attempting the Zercher squat, wear a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt while you do it. The skin on your elbows will appreciate it.

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