Weird “Dead Bug” Exercise Removes Stomach Fat

You know what people say: A stronger core is vital for optimal movement. It is central to ensuring your abs are stable and strong to help you get through daily life because every single time you laugh, or have a bowel moment, or pick up things, walk or stand up, your core is activated and needed.

Also, when you do other, more intense sorts of movements, like jogging or jumping, your abs are a vital player. There are a lot of movements you can do to build a better and stronger more stabilized core and if you are unsure where to begin, we recommend doing the kolar dead bug exercise.

This variation of the normal dead bug exercises forces you to use correct abdominal functioning while practicing correct breathing which is vital to core stabilization.

Although this movement needs no equipment, do not underestimate the intensity you can get after a few repetitions.

You can do this at the beginning of your routine to workout your core or you can use it in your workout routine as a recovery or during your core-specific routine. No matter when you decide to use it, don’t forget to go slow and use controlled movements. Keep reading for my instructions on how this amazing exercise, the kolar dead bug, is done.

1. Start by getting on your back perpendicular to your wall.

2. Flex your hips at 90 degrees, and then reach over your head driving your hands into your wall. Keep this position while breathing down into your abdomen through the duration of the exercise.

3. With control, bring your left heel down to the floor, tapping the floor. The move should come from your abs, not from your hip flexors. Bring your left leg back to the starting point, then repeat with your right leg. Be sure to keep your ribcage down on the floor during the exhale.

4. Do 12 reps for four to five sets.

5. To make cause move to be even more difficult, extend one of your legs out at a time, holding right above the ground before switching sides.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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