Will Smith Shares A “Barbell Trick” For Men Over 50

Will Smith is now dedicated to getting himself into the best shape of his life as part of an announced YouTube fitness series, but the actor is quickly discovering that the best way to kick off a new weight loss attempt is not always the most internet friendly.

The actor posted an Instagram video teasing his trainer over his recommended beginner workouts, which involve getting good at basic movements like barbell squats and developing mobility before using weights.

In the clip, Smith pretends to have problems with this less than impressive workout strategy. “This guy says we should get the movements down first, let’s get you back into the right movements so we don’t get injured,” he says.

“So he is just giving me the bar without any weight. And I say, we are not filming that. No one is going to have a recording of me bench pressing with no weight,” he says.

Jokes aside, it seems Smith is in good hands while getting back into his fitness training. If you are getting past years of rust, there is no reason to be ashamed about using an empty bar until you are ready for greater resistance.

As personal trainer Ebenezer Samuel says, it is especially important after 50 to begin with mobility training to lower the risk of injury.

“If Smith just jumps in with heavy squats or presses, he could move the weight, but his tissues might not allow those movements to happen correctly,” Samuel said.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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