3 Eating Changes That Can Drop Pounds In a Flash

The secret to getting a flatter stomach through eating is not a trick. There is no magic involved although many think there could be a secret formula no one has thought about until now.

Well, if you look at how most people slim down, you would probably see some variations of a certain practice: they removed or lowered certain foods from their diets and then replaced them with different foods and drinks. Most usually, calorie-dense processed foods are removed and replaced with whole foods, mostly being fruits and veggies, whole grains, and some lean proteins.

So for some help on exactly how to do this for yourself, we asked nutritionists for their top “belly-flattening” tips.

Read on to discover the three top tips on how to eat healthy:

1 — Eat vitamin Bs to lower belly fat

Psychological stress can be transferred into belly fat. When you are very stressed, your body creates a lot of the hormone cortisol. While cortisol is good for extreme moments that require fight or flight, overproduction can cause elevations in your cortisol and some research reveals it could lead to fat deposits into your abdomen.

Stress also lowers your vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12, all of which aid in maintaining a healthy nervous system and also combat belly fat.

2 — Eat more fiber

The most important fat to remove is visceral, or belly fat. It is the abdominal fat that is intertwined around your organs and is linked to problems like type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Including more fiber in your diet is an effective way to combat this hard-to-lose belly fat. Ensure your fiber is the soluble type that is dissolved in water. It acts like a prebiotic that is fermented by your gut bacteria to form Short Chain Fatty Acids, which then decrease visceral fat.

3 — Use spices

Simply adding some flavor to your food with spices can aid you in trimming your belly fat. Turmeric, ginger, sage, nutmeg, thyme and cinnamon along with chili pepper spices such as cayenne, red pepper, and chili powder lower your blood sugar levels by helping your body’s insulin response.

In one study, overweight people were divided into two groups, both lowered their daily calories to 500. One ate under a teaspoon of cumin every day with their yogurt, and after three months, they had shed three more pounds than the people who did not eat cumin with their yogurt.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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