New Study Reveals Jaw-Dropping Side Effect Of Coffee

If you have been tuned into the new conversations about the many good benefits of Vitamin D, there is one important update. A brand new study seems to prove that if you routinely count on a caffeinated morning drink, that caffeine intake might interfere with your body’s ability to take in Vitamin D. Here is what what you should know about this new discovery.

Medical doctors in Brazil and China recently partnered to do a study that will soon get published in the International Journal for Nutrition Research. The study was done based on previous research which had decided that caffeine consumption was connected with a decrease in the formation of Vitamin D receptors.

To investigate more, this study looked at nutrition data obtained from over 13,000 people in the National Health Survey done between 2005 through 2006. Then, adjusting for some other health-related variables, they researched the clinical odds that Vitamin D deficiency was based on a person’s caffeine intake.

Indeed, the scientists found that the more caffeine someone drank, the greater their chances of having a Vitamin D deficiency. In the paper’s abstract, the authors clearly say: “More dietary intakes of caffeine were linked with Vitamin D deficiency in a sample of the American public.”

It’s crucial to note that the researchers qualified this discovery by adding that more investigation should be done to decide whether caffeine truly causes a Vitamin D deficiency. At this time, it is also not certain which benchmarks were used that distinguished healthy caffeine amounts from those that were connected with the lower Vitamin D levels.

Another concern might be how caffeine harms Vitamin D levels in older people, as the data that was used in this research was gotten from people between 30 and 47 years of age.

Experts have long recommended that people drink no more than two cups of coffee per day. This is due to the long half-life of caffeine and its affects on sleep quality. But now it seems they have a new reason to against that cup of joe. If you are looking to get more vitamin D, the experts say it is best to get that vitamin D from the sun instead of from supplementation.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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