3 Exercises Older Men Should Never Do

While it could be that you are over 50, and you are very fit and very capable of doing all the exercises in this article. But if you are the average guy over 50—someone who is not in the optimal fitness possible, and who struggles to get to the gym—top trainers will definitely tell you there are certain forms of exercise and even certain movements that you should always avoid.

For example, given the stiffness that happens in your joints, some exercises might lead to injury.

What follows are the exercises you should carefully think about doing if you are over 50.

1 — Shoulder Presses

Most people after 50 have developed bad movement patterns, which have led us to muscle imbalances and joint issues. Any exercise that puts stress on these joints might be a cause for concern.

One that happens very often is shoulder impingement, which comes from your shoulder tendons rubbing against your bone. The muscles that are inside your rotator cuff are stuck between the humorus and acromion, which causes pain and inflammation. In certain cases, the impingement can get severe enough that muscle tears happen.

The common culprits that cause this type of shoulder impingement are shoulder presses, upright rows, and overhead presses.

2 — Leg Extensions

This weight machine is wonderful for building strength in your quadriceps and your butt.

Unfortunately, this machine also puts a lot of stress on your kneecaps, which are usually a weak point for people older than 50. If you have had knee issues in the past or have chronic inflammation, then stay way from the leg extension machine.

3 — Burpees

Burpees are a great full-body exercise to get your heart rate up, however, it can also give your knees a lot of wear and tear.

This damage to your knees is usually caused by the downward ‘crouching’ movement before you push your legs behind you. If a burpee is done right, finding the lower part of a good squat before putting your hands on the ground, it’s much easier on your body.

The issue is many people don’t have the mobility to put their hands on the floor from their squat, so their knees go past their ankles, heels go up, leading to excessive compression and stress on your knees. To add to this, this exercise is usually done very fast, which does not make it easier on your body when you do make mistakes.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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