3 Life-Changing Benefits Of Alcohol Fasting

With some new year’s resolutions, it could take a little more time than just a month to notice results. But when you don’t drink alcohol for a month, however, there are some very noticeable changes you could experience after just 31 days.

“Dry Jan.,” or giving up booze for the first 30 days of the year, is a resolution that has many benefits. We asked nutrition professionals for some of the affects you could experience by the end of the month when you avoid the wine or the beer in the fridge. Keep reading for more on how to eat healthy.

1 — You might feel happier.

“Alcohol is actually a depressant and including it in your diet might cause some people to have some mental side effects once the initial effects from the booze wear off,” said medical professional board member, Lauren Manaker.

“If you avoid alcohol for 30 days, you might actually feel happier and have enhanced mental health,” said Manaker.

2 — You might lose weight.

Alcohol has more calories each gram (7 calories each gram) than two common macronutrients, carbs and protein, which are just 4 calories each gram. “And since consuming too many calories could contribute to weight gain, cutting out the booze might support your weight loss goals—especially if you tend to sip on caloric and sugary drinks like a fruity pina colada, cutting out your booze might save some significant liquid calories,” said Manaker.

Cutting alcohol out of your diet for one month can help you lose weight in more than just one way. A body of evidence indicates that people tend to take in more calories from food when they drink alcohol, which could ultimately lead to weight gain; however, studies haven’t yet determined a clear cause-and-effect connection.

3 — You might sleep better.

While you might feel like a glass of wine before bed will help you wind down and go to sleep more easily, alcohol usually has a negative effect on your sleep quality.

“Excessive alcohol consumption inhibits the body’s normal regulation of circadian proteins and genes, and it could take weeks for it to get back to normal. In other words, your sleep is the victim and pays the price when you drink too much,” says Daina Trout.

As Trout explains, it takes a while for your sleep schedule to go back to normal after drinking for a while, so if you avoid alcohol for one month, you might notice a more restful sleep after just 31 days!

Author: Scott Dowdy

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