Keto Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Weight Loss

Thomas DeLauer is a fitness author and Performance coach, and he shares a lot of his own experiences of when he was on the keto diet to support his weight loss and his body’s transformation on his YouTube channel. In a recent discussion with bodybuilder Nsima Inyang and powerlifter Mark Bell on the podcast called Mark Bell’s Power Project, he spoke about some of the most common mistakes that people tend to make when they first start the high-fat, low-carb, diet.

Freaking out about protein

“Being worried about protein, like ‘oh no, if I eat a lot of protein it is going to boot me out of keto,’ that is so 2015,” said DeLauer. “That is not the case in this scenario. If anything, at the very worst, it is going to slow down ketogenesis… The extended benefit of having protein is going to outweigh booting you out of keto by far.”

Not getting enough electrolytes

In the early days, when he first started out doing the keto diet, DeLauer would find that he had difficulty contracting his muscles fully and would also struggle to get the absolute most out of his workouts, which he initially thought was due to an insufficient amount of carb intake, before he eventually found out that it was actually the electrolytes that he needed—this is something he has resolved with sodium consumption before he begins a workout. “I think the largest reason for the keto flu is a large change in the level of electrolytes within the body that is making you feel so sluggish.”

A “sprinkle” of carbs is fine

“If you are doing a lot of athletic activity during the day, you would be surprised about how many carbs you could take in without it booting you out of keto,” said DeLauer. “If I am training for around two hours each day, you could bet your bottom dollar I could have around 100 gm of carbs or maybe even more… It is all relative to what your activity level may be during any given day.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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