3 Strength Workouts That Won’t Kill Your Joints

If you are looking for a calorie-torching workout on YouTube, that usually means lots of jumping jacks, jump squats and burpees. But you don’t need all that pressure on your joints to build muscles and burn fat.

These three strength-training exercises are low-impact and won’t harm your joints. So they are perfect for beginners or people who are over 50.

You can do them in series for a complete 30-minute workout or do them one at a time and spread them across your week.

But before you do these strength workouts, go through some warm-up exercises to prepare your muscles and keep yourself injury-free.

1. Whole Body Strengthener

Strengthen your entire body in 10 minutes with this cardio set, hosted by Keoni Hudoba, founder of the training program called COREntine. All that’s needed to get started is a single dumbbell and some space.

2. Legs and Butt

Follow personal trainer Ingrid Clay through a series of simple resistance band exercises for lower-body strength and power. This workout ends with jump lunges, but you can switch that with something like a lunge pulse to keep your workout low-impact.

3. Ab Tonage

Personal trainer Luke Milton walks you through five ab-burning exercises that will give you a perfect six pack faster than you ever thought possible!

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