The Ultimate Habit For Whole Body Relaxation

Sitting for a long time can have bad effects on your health. So it’s important to add in little small movements into your routine as much as you can. 

These movements can be simple stretches or exercises that you can do almost anywhere, without using too much time. 

For example, you can try this “any situation full-body stretch,” from famous fitness instructor Lia Bartha. 

The exercise, which Bartha published on Instagram, is known as a spinal stretch, but it also relaxes your shoulders and neck and even helps your lower body. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Start with feet at shoulder-width.
  2. When you inhale, hinge forward at your hips, squat down, and bring your arms down but forward.  
  3. When you exhale, straighten your legs, bring your arms back and down, and stand straight. 
  4. Repeat as needed. 

This stretch can be done in only two minutes or you can spend 15 minutes repeating these reps to give yourself more energy and mobility. It’s a calming yet effective stretch everyone should do.

Adding movement to your long day of sitting can help wake your body in the morning, release tension and calm your mind. 

“It really is a big stress reliever,” Bartha said.

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