Male Model Reveals How To Trim Your Waist Overnight

As fashion icon turned actor Matthew Noszka reaches age 28, with a new daughter always seeking his attention, he says staying in shape is a bigger challenge than he is used to. Combine that with his new Netflix movie “Let It Snow,” and people wonder how does the actor keep his rock-solid six pack?

Noszka answer is he consumes more carbs, and when he wants to get ripped, he will focus on his abs everyday.

“Most of your success is on your plate,” he says. “If you really want to get shredded, you have to stop yourself from eating or drinking sugar. I also stay clear of bread and dairy. If you want a six pack, you should avoid those things.”

Noszka also supports the idea of keeping your heart rate up while you workout, and incorporates balancing into his ab exercises.

He’s created a number of workouts and nutrition plans, including the ab program below.

“This abs workout is especially one of my best, because it puts your willpower to the test”, he says.

Noszka Six Pack Workout

Exercise Duration
Crunch (Reverse) 60 Seconds.
Crunch (Starfish) 60 Seconds.
Situps (Medicine Ball) 60 Seconds.
Side-to-Side Medicine Ball Slams 60 Seconds.
Mountain Climbers 60 Seconds.
Pike 60 Seconds.
Rotating Elbow Plank 60 Seconds.
V-Up 60 Seconds.

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