44yo Actor Shares His “Anti-Diet” Six Pack Secrets

After weighing over 500 pounds at certain points in his life, Actor Ethan Suplee set a new goal: “I want to reach 10 percent bodyfat., Suplee said. “I’m almost there.”

Which is saying something, because the actor and anti-dieter has already changed his fitness and weight.

At 24, Suplee was over 500 pounds. And even though his weight did not stop his success in Hollywood, with roles in American History X and The Wolf of Wall Street, his back and forth approach to eating was hurting his health.

Over the past few years Suplee left dieting behind in favor of strength training and an eating strategy that focused on healthy foods without outright banning any one food group.

As of October last year, the 44-year-old Suplee hit his goal by reaching 9% bodyfat and revealed a set of abs even men half his age would want.

“I’m at my complete pinnacle., he said. “I spent 40 years without taking my shirt off.”

Today, Suplee explains that his abs are the result of many weeks of adjusting his sodium and carbohydrate consumption—all of which was under the direction of his trainer, Bodybuilder Jared Feather.

But Suplee’s next challenge goes beyond simple numbers.

“My instinct is that I progress, I want my body fat to go down., he says. “I’m trying to change now and learn to live in, and be content with my maintenance time.”

For Suplee, that means eating the foods that his family is enjoying. That means not having to think about or measure his portions or calories. That means “a cringey word—mindfulness—the thought that this is a nice meal I’m eating., instead of going toward a specific goal, he says.

Maintenance, he explains, is not about physical adjustment, but all about how you think about your fitness.

“I used to believe losing weight was just about willpower, but that’s not completely true., Suplee says. “It’s all about having good information, so your will can be focused on getting real results.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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