Eat 1 Of These Before Bed To Sleep Like a Baby

Is the best bedtime snack actually a hard-boiled egged? Nick Bitz, a naturopathic doctor at YouTheory, makes a good case for consuming an egg (poached, boiled or sunny-side up) before going to bed. Eating an egg for protein before bed might help you sleep better, he explains.

“I’ve seen that if you eat some protein at night before you go to bed—maybe around 6 grams, which is equal to one—it gives you a good blood-sugar balance through the night., said Bitz at the recent Well+Good event in New York. Women are especially susceptible to glucose dysregulation, he said. In response, the body creates cortisol (the stress hormone), which might wake you up.

6 grams of protein will help you sleep through the night, but if you are not too excited for eggs after dark, you can get your protein from other forms. Cashews (one handful) or a scoop of Greek yogurt also does the same thing as a sleep-saver. With any luck, some protein before bed will help you rest deeply all night.

Eggs are like a natural multivitamin.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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