59yo Van Damme Shares His Simple Workout [Video]

Martial arts icon and actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, does not want you to let Coronavirus keep you from training. This is why he started his new youtube series “Train with Van Damme” back in April of 2020. The series has videos that are inspired by Van Damme’s own exercises and work to rehab his body.

“Years ago, I was hurt, so I helped myself get back to my old flexibility,” he says, introducing his first video. “I want to share this with you. It is a program that does not use weights and you can do everything from home.”

Van Damme says to focus on giving yourself better posture by using two moves that will allow you to stand taller and better.

“What you need to do first is bring your hips forward., he says. “If I walk in this way, look at my presence. It is strong. People see you because of your physical presence.”

Van Damme says you should focus on your inner strength while training. “We will learn to train from the inside,” he says. Here is a rundown of the first movements.

Move 1

Position yourself on a wall with your arms stretched out and hands up, bending forward and keeping your legs and back straight.

“I will now step back. Because I am flexible, I can reach lower,” he says. “Lower your head now in-between your arms, and squeeze your buttocks. Count for 8 seconds.”

Move 2

With your back straight, and feet straight, hands on your sides. Use traction. “We are going up and inhaling,” Van Damme says, bringing both his hands overhead. He then clasps his fingers as he leans to each side. “Exhale slowly, going left to right to get a good stretch.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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