These Foods Can Instantly Increase Your Brain Power 

Many nutrients are good for your brain and help it stay healthy and function well into old age. Studies have discovered that giving your brain high quality, smart foods can help lower your risk of a number of brain issues and help you to get a higher quality of life as you age.

With that in mind, here are some delicious foods that have been found to be good for your brain.


Tomatoes have nutrients that behave like a safeguard for your brain which is composed of mainly fats (60%). These nutrients are called carotenoids and are thought to be powerful antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals. This is a crucial process to keep your brain at its top functioning.

Oily Fish

Oily fish, like trout, salmon, mackerel, sardines and herring are filled with omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are vital for brain functioning, along with incredible anti-inflammatory effects.


Tea has both caffeine and the powerful amino acid called L-Theanine. These two are proven to have incredible effects on brain functioning, like improving memory power, lowering anxiety, and improving cognition.


Blueberries are filled with anthocyanins, which are proven to help improve short-term memory. The same effect can be had when we eat other purple or dark-red fruits such as blackberries and red cabbage.


Leafy veggies contain brain-protecting antioxidants and nutrients. They are very rich in folate, fiber, lutein, vitamin A, and vitamin K will all help slow down cognitive decline.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain zinc, which is crucial for enhancing memory and cognitive skills. They are also packed with stress-fighting magnesium, tryptophan (the compound that leads to the good mood chemical serotonin) and B vitamins.


Studies prove that onions are among the best sources of folate which improve your brain’s blood flow by lowering homocysteine levels in your body. For those who suffer from depression, this increased blood flow could also be helpful.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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