6 Foods That All Men Should Be Eating Regularly

It is mostly a myth that women and men need to consume different diets. But it is true that certain foods have things that men tend to need in their diets. These foods give you a payload of great benefits while having very little impact on your normal eating habits. Fill your plate with these.

Black Beans

Numerous studies prove that eating lots of protein from plants lowers chances of heart disease. But, a study in Frontiers in Psychology shows that men still associate “meat” with “health” – more than women do. On top of having 9g of protein, black beans are filled with resistant starch, which balances the eating of steak.


While the benefits of fish oil supplements are debatable, a recent study in Denmark linked them to a high sperm count. We would advise going straight to the source: oily fish like salmon or mackerel are a top source of vitamin D, which has been connected to testosterone production and muscle mass.

Brown Pasta

On average, men eat around 21g of fibre each day – short of the 30g required for optimal health. Fibre is important for keeping normal cholesterol and digestive health. Wholemeal pasta has around 6.5g of fibre.


The reasons to increase your berry intake go beyond fibre and antioxidants: scientists from the UK have proven that men who eat more fruit daily have greater mental well-being. Berries are lower in sugars and carbs compared to other fruits.


One study found that men who consumed 75g each day for 12 weeks witnessed improvements in the motility of their sperm, with fewer problems. This was without any changes to bodyweight. In addition to healthy fats, they are also filled with vital minerals which maintain healthy muscles.


Most men have some sort of high blood pressure. Research shows increasing your consumption of the mineral potassium is among the smartest moves to fight against this. A sweet potato has around 20% of your RDA, but white potatoes beat that with 26%.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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