64yo’s Fitness Success Goes Viral

You do not have to allow your fitness to drop as you get older. With high-profile celebs like The Rock and Mark Wahlberg sporting enviable muscle builds, which they got through a combo of workouts and smart eating.

But these people have to guarantee they look great so they can keep getting movie roles, or maybe so they can get their photo shared on social media. What about the Average American? The guy who does not go in search for fame, or care for his poster to be put up on bedrooms all around the nation? Without much of an incentive, why would you force yourself to get fit in your older years, instead of enjoying your retirement?

It seems one guy did not get the memo about letting up in his later years, as a video showing a 64-year-old has surfaced online showing him doing workouts and moves that most dudes half his age would not do. The man performs shocking moves in the video. A man of his age should not be able to do the exercises that he does so smoothly in this video.

Not only does he do them without failure, he keeps lifting his whole frame higher than the bar. After spinning around a bit, he then holds his body in position, parallel to the ground, and pumps his legs backwards and forwards.

The kind of core strength this man has built makes us wonder about our own choices and reassess our workouts.

The man, who some commenters called the “strongest 64 year old alive,” seems to show up in other videos working out with men that are much younger than him.

While it is certainly uncommon to discover someone of this guy’s age in such an amazing shape, with other names like Joe Rogan proving you can get really strong, even in your 60s, there is a lot of inspiration on the internet for older men to buckle down and get themselves very fit, should they want to do so.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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