7 Ways To Naturally Boost Testosterone That You MUST try….

Testosterone plays a huge role in your sexual energy, stamina and even your attractiveness to women. Enhancing your testosterone levels can also help you build more muscle mass and gain strength in less time. 

On the other hand, low levels of testosterone can be potentially dangerous. Causing you to lose bone density and sex drive while also increasing your chances for prostate cancer and even heart disease.

So, the following list of 7 ways to boost your testosterone levels should not be ignored.

1 — Get enough sleep. Sleep is very crucial for the correct functioning of your mind and body. It also affects your hormones, like testosterone. A recent study found that sleeping for just 5 hours per night can lower your testosterone by 15 %.

Testosterone increases while sleeping. So a nice long sleep schedule will give you better testosterone levels everyday. Another study found that every extra hour you sleep increases your testosterone level by 15%. All you should aim for is 7-10 hours every night to keep your health and testosterone at an optimal level.

2 — Exercise. Routine exercise has a large impact on your testosterone. When you sit for long periods, your brain thinks you don’t need as much testosterone to keep your muscles. But when you move more, your brain sends the signal to produce more testosterone

3 — Get Stress Under Control. Stress elevates your cortisol which can reduce testosterone levels. Cortisol and testosterone work in a see-saw fashion, one increases and the other lowers. For great testosterone try to lower your stress.

4 — Healthy Eating. Diet plays an important role in testosterone production. Studies show that men with low testosterone should consume higher amounts of monosaturated and saturated fats. This means almonds, olive oil, fish, red meat, cheese, egg yolks and dark chocolate. Keeping a balance in your eating is also important because dieting excessively will disrupt your testosterone levels badly.

5 — Vitamins. Vitamin D is proven to increase Testosterone. A new study has found that people with high Vitamin D had sufficient levels of testosterone as compared to people with low Vitamin D levels. Taking 3,000 IU of vitamin D per day might increase your testosterone levels by nearly 25%, according to this study.

6 — Limit Alcohol. Another testosterone study discovered that people who drank a moderate amount of alcohol every day for 3 weeks had a 7% reduction in Testosterone. So lowering your Alcohol can help your testosterone build back up more quickly.

7 — Take These Testosterone Boosters. One natural testosterone helper is a herb named Ashwagandha. Recent research says this herb can increase testosterone by as much as 17% and gives men a possible 167% increase in sperm count. Ashwagandha can also lower your cortisol levels by 25%. Another herb to try is Ginger. This has been shown to increase testosterone levels by up to 17%.

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