Consumer Alert: 2 Frozen Foods Being Recalled Now

Everyone loves the part of a grocery store that has the frozen foods with popular items ranging from foods that help prepare meals to breakfast foods. People keeping grocery’s in their freezer at home is convenient, but sometimes end up staying in there too long because they don’t expire as fast as fresh foods do.

There are two frozen food items sold in super market freezers that are the subject of a new food safety recall, and they could have already made it to your home.To keep your family safe, you should take some time and check your grocery items.

Amy’s Kitchen has recalled 15,626 cases of their frozen Vegan Rice Mac & Cheese Organic which might have small amounts of undeclared milk, as reported by a notice of a new recall declared by the U.S. FDA. Anyone who is allergic to milk or is sensitive to milk and unknowingly drinks it could have a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Amy’s Kitchen quickly issued the recall after the product was tested by a third- party lab and was found to have small amounts of milk protein in it.

Because of the recall, the company is “taking action with its current distribution and customers and making sure that there is not any inventory left of the affected part of the Vegan Organic Rice Mac & Cheeze and that it was all removed from further distribution. No more Amy’s Kitchen products are impacted.”

Amy’s Kitchen urges everyone to check their freezers at home because the macaroni & cheese “Best Before Date” is almost two years away. If you do have one of the pasta dishes, throw it away or return it to the place it was bought for a refund.

The discount chain Lidl is rapidly expanding and shoppers should know that a frozen produce product is being recalled because of a possible health risks. Some lots of Lidl’s Frozen Chopped Spinach could have Listeria.

In people who are healthy, Listeria can cause flu like symptoms. In young kids, the elderly, or pregnant women, and people that do not have healthy immune systems, it could cause fatal infections.There have been no illnesses reported in connection to this recall.

Lidl has super markets across nine states: Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The spinach that was recalled was sold in all nine of these states.

When the possible contamination was found by routine testing, production of the products was stopped during an ongoing review, which was posted by the FDA in the recall announcement.  Items that were impacted have a lot number of R17963 or R17742 and a “Best By” date of 09/10/23.

If you have one of the items in your freezer, then return it to the place it was bought for a refund.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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