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Do You Make This Embarrassing (And Dangerous) Squat Mistake?

Ever feel as though your hips move over when squatting, like when you are going down, the drive up, or both ways? This could occasionally occur, but you must solve it if you do it a lot.

Because if you keep lifting bigger amounts, eventually something will happen, and you could give yourself a nasty injury or strain. To help stop this from happening, fix your hip shift and keep your body as stacked as you can. Here’s how.

The first step

Start filming your squat. You might not realize the problem is a huge deal until you watch yourself doing it.

Record some small sets and especially your final two sets to see if and where your squatting technique gets compromised. Using this data, you can change your technique to suit your unique needs.

The second step

Get into the 90/90 set up. It is important this happens quick before you get bogged down into a 30-minute warm up.

Think of your squat. As you bend down, the tops of your femurs swivel in their sockets. You want an adequate amount of external and internal rotation in both hips. Your hips should be like each other.

If one is different than the other, then that is your problem: your hip joint can not move in the way it needs to. So when you squat, it forced you to move for you to get depth.

Your goal is to sit with your legs at a 90 degree angle: one leg being straight out, the other being perpendicular at your side. With your front leg open, testing out your external rotation, while your back leg will test out your internal rotation.

Then change your hips to your other side. You are looking for any changes. Watch your ability to remain sitting up and watch your comfort level closely. If you get a hip shift, you will most likely feel yourself struggling a lot on one side more so than the other.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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