Eat This Super Fruit Before All Of Your ‘Night-Time’ Exercises

No other vegetable or fruit can affect sexual performance like pomegranate. It raises your testosterone, increases your erectile strength and improves your blood vessel health like nothing else.

But I can say with complete certainty that drinking the juice or eating the fruit is not getting you the full sexual benefits.

The issue is that the chemical inside the fruit that works most of the magic is called “punicaligans” and the largest concentration is in the skin of the pomegranate, which usually gets discarded.

So, to get the most powerful sexual benefits of punicaligans, you either need to eat the peel – as they do in the Middle East or you need to get it in supplement form.

Obviously, the latter possibility is more practical, but whatever you decide, lets do a quick review of the powerful sexual benefits of punicaligans:

1. Punicaligans Increases Testosterone

A study of women and men found that punicaligans increased levels of the hormone by around 24% on average.

Punicaligans might also increase testosterone in another way: People consuming punicaligans daily have reduced appetite and felt more satiated. And since being overweight causes lower testosterone and raises estrogen, anything that helps you shed weight can also help raise your testosterone.

2. Punicaligans Can Give You Better Erections, Even If Drugs Fail

Punicaligans elevate your NO levels. Nitric oxide relaxes your smooth muscle fibers inside the penile arteries so more blood flows into your penis. But where Punicaligans differs is that it raises your neuronal nitric oxide synthase instead of endothelial nitric oxide synthase that drugs raise.

Both will give you stronger erections. But nitric oxide synthase means that punicaligans could work for men who don’t experience any results from standard erection drugs.

A double-blind study found that 47% of men reported better erections while consuming pomegranate while only 32% of the placebo did… and that was with normal pomegranate and not punicaligans.

3. Punicaligans Can Improve Your Blood Vessels

Erections are like hydraulics: if your “hose” is cleared of gunk, they can give the pressure needed.

Punicaligans raise your NO levels, which opens your blood vessels, but they also seem to improve circulatory function overall through their anti-oxidant benefits. Multiple studies prove they can enhance blood flow and maybe even reverse arterial plaque growth.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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