Get Rid of Those “Man Boobs” with this Exercise

While many men aim to get rid of stomach fat, others are more focused on the issue of having a nice chest, and an upper body that isn’t flabby.

Prominent boobs in men, known as man boobs are a major source of anxiety for men given the stigma around them. The condition is more accurately called gynemastia, which is more common than you might believe; up to 30 percent of males will have it at some point, often due to hormonal changes during teen years or later in life.

To remove this problem, men are increasingly going for a surgical solution. Male breast reduction procedures increased by 32 percent since 2000, and in 2019, it was the fourth most common cosmetic procedure for men.

If you want to get rid of your stored chest fat, picking a more focused workout plan might do the job better, cheaper and more safely than surgery. One such exercise is this one:

The Man Boob Annihilator

Man up your chest and remove your man boobs with this workout

Starting with exercise 1A, do as many reps as you possibly can within 30 seconds. Then do 30 seconds of rest.

Next, do 1B, doing as many reps as possible within 30 seconds, then 30 seconds of rest. This is 1 round. Finish 4 rounds of superset 1, then do 2 minutes of rest before going to superset 2 for 4 rounds.

Do these supersets three times per week.


1A — Inverted Row

Go to a barbell in a squat rack. Squeeze your glutes and use your core, as if you were doing a plank, so this becomes a full-body workout. Squeeze your shoulders, then bring yourself up to the bar (imagine you are bringing the bar down to your chest to help workout your back).

1B — Pushup

Like the inverted row, try to maintain your plank position, with engaging your glutes and your core. For better chest engagement, ensure that your hands are not too wide apart and your elbows don’t go up when you go to the floor. Once you can do 20 perfect reps, start experimenting with variations and half-reps.


2A — Goblet Squat

Hold your dumbbell at chest height. Keep your core and chest active to keep the dumbbell from tipping your midsection forward—squeezing your back will also help. Take your time to go down, keeping your knees wide. Push away from the ground to rise back up.

2B — Swings

The key with this exercise is to focus on doing a hip hinge and extension. Bend your knees a bit, bringing the weight through your legs, then powerfully stand up while squeezing your glutes to bring the weight upward.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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