Aging Celebrity Shares “7 Secrets” from His Elite Trainers

Mark Wahlberg has been working out for a very long time. The actor, although experienced with fitness and weight training, like everyone else, has had good days and bad days. But he never fails to keep going.

Now, to help other people convert their 2021 fitness goals into reality, the actor has compiled a list of fitness tips he has accumulated after years of working with top Hollywood trainers.

1 – Set your baseline – Take some pictures of yourself, record your waist measurements, write your goals down on paper, and start a fitness log. Get a fitness tracker and use it. Share your goals with family. These are all great ways to stay on track.

2 – Don’t allow excuses to rule you – If you miss some workout days or cheat on your diet, get back at it! Your mind is your most powerful weapon.

3 – See nutrition as your fuel – So many folks offset a good workout by eating too much or eating sugar as a reward for doing the workout. Moderation is vital and so is reading all food labels, you will be surprised at the sugar in most foods!

4 – Pay attention to your body – Rest as you need but do not go back to bad habits! Getting off a workout or diet routine is NOT an excuse for giving up.

5 – Variety can keep you going – Switch-up your workouts with cycling, HIIT training, lifting, hiking, whatever it takes. Working out can be very rewarding and you will hate missing a single workout when you make it fun!

6 – Surround yourself with health – Put your blender on your counter and leave it. Always stock your kitchen full of low-sugar foods, I keep protein bars around all the time, especially when I travel, along with my supplements. It’s worth the effort.

7 – Take pride in your success – Share your struggles and your progress with others. Join fitness groups on the internet and share selfies and your workout routine. The fitness community is very supportive and you will stay inspired seeing others’ successes!

I hope these tips will help you you to get healthy in 2021! Let’s make it the healthiest year ever.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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