“Rocky” Routine Works Like a Charm For After 50s Lifters

Sylvester Stallone will always be seen as Rocky Balboa, the underdog boxer that he played way back in the 1970s and which was then reprised by him in every decade since. And while the actor has said that Rocky will not be showing back up in the upcoming movie spinoff Creed 3, his new gym video published on Instagram seems like a video right out of the franchise’s famous exercise and weight training montages.


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“Good ‘heavy’ morning! Punching hard until the ending bell,” Stallone said in his video caption for the short footage, in which he seems to be doing a type of getup using a weight plate. While it is less-than-normal exercise to be doing, the 74yo move star seems jacked as he continues through his obvious discomfort and gets back to his feet without allowing his grip on the weights to slip.

The video was taken during a workout session with his personal celebrity trainer and strength coach Gunnar Peterson, whose other top clients are Olympian Lindsey Vonn, hockey player P.K. Subban, and Hollywood stars Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale. It is not clear if Stallone was working out for one film in particular—maybe the next movie in the Expendables series?—or maybe he was just focused on getting the most out of his all-out gym session, to stop his longtime buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger from picking on him yet again.

Stallone routinely shares looks into his workouts on social media, including going back to the intense training that led him to be sculpted while he was filming both Rambo and Rocky movies. He has unfortunately not shared that much about what eating plan he uses to stay in shape into his 70s. Although we imagine a high protein diet could be among the possibilities. Youtubers have, however, copied what is known about Stallone’s diet.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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