See How This Man Lost 100 Pounds In 3 Months

Randy Santel is competitive eater that has shed over 100 pounds in the past four months, a process he described as “Sexification in 2021”. In a recent video he posted to his YouTube channel, he spoke about how he sustained “momentum and consistency” in his diet and lifestyle in order to have success in losing weight.

“Fitness is suggested, nutrition is a requirement,” he said, explaining that he set a goal of eating at a calorie deficit every day, while still taking in enough fuel to energize all of his physical activity that he would be going through as a part of the challenge.

This included reaching a minimum of about 10,000 steps each day and clocking a min of 10 hours each week on his stationary bike. He increased this activity after a while, culminating in 20 hours of biking in the last week, which Santel finished while watching the Harry Potter tapes at the same time as cycling.

Santel went on to explain the bowling-inspired system that he had used to help keep his diet on the right track, stating that he and his wife Katina and he only kept “spares and strikes,” i.e., the healthier food choices, in their kitchen, and only ate “gutter ball” foods when they went out.

“I try to think of my body as being a high-performance machine,” he said. “I focus on energizing it with spares and strikes, and not as many gutter balls and open frames. I do that with my mind as well: I try to focus on all the good things, the spares and strikes, that will help me to succeed.”

Santel began the challenge on Aug. 9, at which time he weighed in at 393.6 pounds. On Nov. 22, he finished his 15-week journey, during which he surpassed his original goal of losing 100 pounds, now he weighs in at 285.2 pounds.

If competitive eater Santel can accomplish this, so can you. He hopes to inspire others to follow in his footsteps and shed that extra unwanted weight.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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