The Healthiest Alcoholic Drink According To Science

You might not believe this but beer actually has legitimate health benefits that make it worth drinking, so long as you drink responsibly. For your next holiday or family party, grab a cold one out of the fridge and know you are making a healthy decision.

1. Beer is loaded with nutrients

Many alcoholic drinks are considered empty calories; however, beer is actually rich in nutrients, with vitamin B12 –great for immunity– from the anti-oxidants and yeast from the hops and malt. If you are watching your macros, the carbohydrate content of beer can vary based on whether it’s light versus dark or standard brew. The vitamin and mineral content of beer will make you want to drink it as a health elixir daily.

2. Beer helps your body burn fat

Moderate consumption of beer can help your body burn fat. “Beer contains hops and hops are not only a bittering agent, they are also a bioactive member of the phytochemical families that cause lipid metabolism and stimulate insulin sensitivity,” according to Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D. as stated by Jill Ettinger. Bland recommends we choose an IPA for the best health benefits “because you have more of those humulones and isoflavones from the hops.” But do not overdo it. “Just as with tequila or wine, it has to do with magnitude,” he said.

3. Beer might lower your risk of heart disease

In a study of 36 overweight adults, researchers discovered that moderate consumption of beer – one drink for females, two drinks for males daily – raised their HDL levels (good cholesterol) and elevated the body’s natural ability to expel LDL, the bad cholesterol. “Drinking beer didn’t induce vascular endothelial dysfunction or stiffness,” the researchers concluded, which meant that it does not add to cardiovascular disease, and actually improved the pathways that the body uses to get rid of cholesterol. The researchers also concluded the study by explaining that moderate consumption of beer raises the anti-oxidation properties of HDL “good” cholesterol, and helps improve “endothelial function,” which “might prevent lipid deposition in the vessel walls.” Fermentation makes any drink, including beer, a gut-healthy booster.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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