Take This To Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Exercise

All very restrictive diets eventually end. But new research, though, shows that consuming curcumin after undergoing a calorie-restricting diet could possibly limit the fat that you regain, even if you stop training, too.

Scientists gathered test rats and divided them into two. One group was put on a calorie restricting diet and got around the clock access to a running wheel. The other group did not have a wheel and they were allowed to eat whatever and whenever they wanted.

After three weeks, the exercised rats were then put into three groups. The first was terminated and the second and third groups were deprived of their running wheels and were then given unlimited feeding for a week.

Also, one of these groups got a dose of curcumin (an amount of 200 mg/kg) while the other got a placebo.

With no exercise and unlimited eating, the body mass of the rats naturally increased. In other words, they got fat. But this increase was not so severe in the curcumin eating group.

Furthermore, the curcumin rats had a better insulin curve and less C-reactive protein (a mark of inflammation) than the rates who did not take curucmin.

The researchers ended the study saying that,

“…results show that curcumin has a protective benefit against weight regain after successful weight loss, maybe through inhibition of glucocorticoid along with inflammation.”

What to do with this information

Most people, after stopping a diet, probably do not immediately go back to their past eating habits. Instead, they gradually relax their discipline and slowly pack on the pounds until they wake up again with a fresh spout of self-loathing.

But this study gives us reason to believe that curcumin could work equally well in stopping post-diet fat gain in people.

One notable part of the rat research was the total of curcumin given. The dose was 200 mg/kg, which means 18,000 mg. for a 200-pound person. That’s around thirty-six 500-mg. capsules each day.

This amount would not be pleasant to consume. But there are easy solutions out there. Just search on Amazon for a good high-dose curcumin supplement with concentrated amounts.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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