The Best Breakfast For Weight Loss Is Delicious

As a professional nutritionist, I say the best thing to do is to go by the guidelines for planning your meals for whichever weight loss plan you choose. But for a pro-weight loss, healthy breakfast everyone can enjoy, you can have a nutrient-filled breakfast burrito.

Start with a whole wheat tortilla—which does not have to mean a stiff, cardboard-like wrap. A lot of the whole wheat flour tortillas really have lots of stretch. My top choice is the Extreme Wellness High Fiber tortilla. It has good elasticity for wrapping, and  also has four grams of net carbs, only fifty calories, and a whopping eleven grams of fiber. Studies show that high fiber diets (about 30 grams each day) can increase weight loss. Here, one tortilla can get you over one-third of the way to the daily goal.

Next, make some scrambled eggs. This breakfast food is loaded with six grams of protein in each egg—so if you choose to scramble three of them to put in your burrito, you will have eighteen total grams. Getting a lot of protein makes you stay full and builds muscle, so it is a one-two punch for weight loss.

When the eggs are almost finished cooking, it’s time for veggies! Put a big handful of spinach in your pan and cook it until it’s wilted. Even if you use two cups (about 50 grams) of fresh spinach, you will only raise your burrito’s calorie count by fourteen calories, and it will add a little extra fiber and protein, to boot. Also, cooked spinach lets your body absorb more minerals from it, like iron and calcium.

Because your goal is weight loss, your first thought might be to choose a low-fat cheese for your burrito but recent studies show that you don’t have to give up the goodness of dairy fat to lose pounds. In fact, a 2013 study discovered that high-fat dairy foods do not cause weight gain, but that they are linked to greater weight loss. One or two tablespoons of shredded mozzarella or cheddar is a good way to get full-fat dairy in your breakfast meal. (And it tastes great too!) Wrap the entire thing up and enjoy it. You have just made a delicious, on-the-go breakfast that will fuel your day.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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