The Fastest Way To Lose Weight After 40

Turning 40 is not fun. Your body will start undergoing some big changes. After 40, your metabolism slows and your muscle mass goes down. Because of this, your body composition shifts and one can get more fat. To shed this fat, a great strategy is to change this trend and form muscle and increase your metabolism.

This is why every trainer and expert in our discussions recommends strength training as your #1 way for burning more fat, increasing your metabolic process (meaning you burn more energy), to get a thinner body after your 40th birthday.

So if you are older than 40 and wanting to lose weight, you know your journey starts in the weight room.

But is there anything else you could be doing? Read on, because we have asked several of our trainers for their tricks to slimming down, and here is what they recommended.

1 — Get Stress Under Control

As we have reported, being stressed out has physiological results that go far beyond your brain health. Stress changes your immune system, your muscles, memory, heart, skin, and even your hair. Of course, it also does damage to your waistline and interrupts any healthy lifestyle habits you have, so if you are adding discipline into your life and wanting to lose weight, you must gain control over your stress and anxiety.

2 — Weigh Yourself Only Once A Week

Weigh only once per week. If your scale starts to go up, it is time to get back to watching your meals. This is the most crucial thing when you want to lose some pounds. You have to be in a calorie deficit to shed weight. And watching and logging everything you eat in a day is the best way to do this.

3 — Try Steady State Cardio During Rest Days

We have established that you require weight lifting or some some other type of resistance training in order to shed more fat and lose weight. But you cannot lift every day of the week. And on other days? Try some steady-state cardio.

It is important to combine both strength training and good amounts of steady-state cardio like walking or jogging. Cardio is critical for getting thinner and it helps your endurance. Of course, the correct amount of cardio depends on the person, but it should be a part of your program alongside your strength training.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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