The Quick And Easy Way To Burn Off Stubborn Fat

This workout won’t only give you visibly larger and more manly legs, but targeting the muscles in your legs and lower body with high intensity is a way to seriously increase your fat burning.

This routine will be in a ‘descending ladder’ format, where you do 20 repetitions of each exercise, then 19 of each, and continue down to one. Rest just enough to keep good posture and form, but focus on your rhythm and keep your tension in your muscles to help yourself stay safe.

1) Forward Lunge (Dumbbell) x 20-1

Stand up straight, grip your dumbbells and hold them by your sides. Keeping your pecs up, take a long step forward with only one leg, bending that knee until your other back knee glances the ground.  Then stand up with high energy, pause and switch to your other leg.

2) Deadlift (Dumbbell) x 20-1

With dumbbells on the floor beside your feet, lean over and grab them while keeping an even back. Use your shoulder muscles and go back to the upright position, ‘pushing the ground’ with your feet, squeezing your glutes after you reach the top. Your arms should hang down during this movement.

3) Front Rack Squat (Dumbbell) x 20-1

Bring both dumbbells onto your shoulders and breath deeply. Now, bring your hips back and allow yourself to sink into a squat, with your thighs not going lower than parallel to the floor. Now return upward.

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