The Single Best Stretch For Men

Hip mobility is among my top worries as I get older. My hips are always tight, and I did not have the foresight to focus on them when I was young.

But as I near 60, sometimes my stiffness makes it hard to move. Father Time is slamming the gap on me, so now I do certain moves to allow me to move without limitations, and also to heal my pain.

To improve my mobility and sooth my hip pain, one exercise I like a lot and do mainly before and after running is the Spiderman Lunge.

This exercise is not the easiest for folks in their fifties, but even done poorly, it will help your hips. You will especially see its benefits during recovery from difficult activities.

To start, get into a plank spot with your hands right under your shoulders. Brace your abs, squeeze your butt and engage your shoulders, as you would in any plank. From this position, bring your right foot forward and put it outside your right hand. Hold this position for a certain count. Then bring your right leg back to its original spot. Then repeat the move with your left leg.

When your foot is near your hand, your body should be straight. This might be difficult for older people because your glutes, hamstrings and groin are probably tight making it hard for some men to bring their feet up to their hands with proper form, so getting this spot might require patience.

To help out, many men bend their back knee toward the ground and raise up to their fingertips. If you are doing this compensation, start with an elevated plank where your hands are higher than your feet. This will aid in keeping yourself fully extended and your palms flat.

For an older guy, it is best to begin lightly with this move because you do not want to pull your muscles by raising your foot to the level of your hands.

Do 4 sets of 5 reps per side to start, and only go in the range of motion that is good for you. As you are doing this, once your foot is positioned, try holding for 3 seconds so you get a good stretch. Then work your way up to 10 reps per set.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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