The ‘Sweat-Free’ Way To Lose Weight Over 40

We have been told that to lose weight, you have to exercise. And while daily exercise does make it easier, the only true way to lose inches is by giving your body a calorie deficit. This can be done with some simple dietary adjustments. 

As you get older, your metabolism will start to slow, meaning you will shed less “resting” calories than before. So, if you want to lose weight, but don’t want to start working out, this is the recommended way to do it.

A whole food diet that focuses on plant based foods could be the best method for lasting weight loss without exercise. 

This is due to its natural nutrient dense foods, compared to a diet with processed meats. 

Registered dietitian Trista Best says, “This way of eating removes large intakes of saturated fat from the diet that can prevent weight loss. Even more so, these foods are inflammatory, which can lead to weight gain and a host of other problems. 

This method can also lead to lasting lifestyle changes which are easier to maintain compared to fad diets.”

While exercise is recommended, Best says it’s not really needed to get results. 

“Weight loss can be had without exercise, to a surprising degree. Exercise has many benefits for mood and heart support, but it is not all-important when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. In fact, studies show that exercising alone is not enough for weight loss. The body eventually reaches a plateau and then dietary changes are needed for further results,” she explains.

So, if your goal is to lose weight without putting too much focus on exercise, it’s important to use a diet that will be easy to use daily. Best says a plant based, whole foods diet is her recommendation. Instead of trendy diets like the ketogenic diet. “The plant-based eating plan is a long-term one, it allows for off plan eating without destroying your diet, and gives you improved overall health instead of just weight loss,” Best says.

You will achieve a healthier body by using both exercise and good eating habits, but in the end, working out is not absolutely needed for weight loss results.  As you get older, a plant based and whole food diet can give you the long-term calorie deficit you need to lose weight. And it can do it without needing weight lifting or exercise.

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