How To Stay Hydrated Without Chugging Water

Water is involved in almost all parts of wellness, from aging gracefully to immune system function to eye health. It’s the foundation of healthy living, says Dana Cohen, M.D., integrative physician, “Before you begin any nutrition habit, you must take your hydration into account,” she says.

But trying to consume more water can be very difficult for most. Ever drink a glass of water and still feel thirsty?

In this article, we will list four ways you can quench your thirst easily and stay healthily hydrated all day:


Instead of keeping a bottle at arm’s reach, Cohen says you should front-loading your water when you wake up. It’s the same as eating most of your calories at the start of your day, lightening your load as you get toward bed.

“I fill a bottle every night, throw in some lemon, sea salt, and drink around 16 ounces every morning,” Cohen says. “Think of it as soaking yourself—that’s a very easy thing, and you will notice a big difference.” 

2. Green smoothie. 

“A green smoothie every day is the most incredible way to hydrate,” Cohen says. That’s because those greens contain high levels of fiber, which helps you keep your body’s water content. “The fiber acts as a a sponge,” Cohen explains. 

More data is needed, she says, but her evidence speaks for itself: In Cohen’s practice, patients who drink a green smoothie everyday feel way more hydrated. “My patients say, ‘I drink so much water but I never feel it’s enough.’ Then I get them to add green smoothies, and it changes that,” she says. 

3. Hydrating foods.

Another possibility is to add hydrating foods into your meals. These include foods that have “structured” water. Like cucumbers, for example: “The structured water inside cucumbers is what makes them a perfect hydrating snack,” she says. Also there are chia seeds. “Did you know when you combine water with chia seeds they create a glob? Chia seeds maintain hydration much better than even water alone,” she explains. 

4. Before each meal. 

A final possibility, says Cohen, is to consume water before each meal. You don’t have to be too strict about it’ maybe drink a glass of water or a cup of tea while cooking your meals. “Just 30 minutes before,” she says. “That’s a great trick to get some more hydration into your day.” Pretty soon it will form into a habit and you will naturally get more hydration without even planning to. 

The goal. 

Drinking water is vital for your health. But try to work on your hydration in a holistic way. It might not be as simple as gulping down gallons: Cohen’s tricks here can help ensure you get the most hydration for your time when it comes to getting to your hydration goals.

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