This Coffee Secret Can Add Years To Your Life


There are plenty of ways to drink coffee in the morning time. Black, with sugar, with cream, with both sugar and cream, hot, iced, a cold brew with added milk. The options are almost endless. But how can you find out what is a healthy coffee option and what may not be that great to drink every day?

We asked our professional dietitians about healthy coffee habits you should try on a daily basis that could help you live a healthier, longer life.

1 — Drink coffee black.

One great way to make sure your coffee is healthy in the morning time is by just drinking it black and not adding anything! For some, this might be easy, but for other people, not so much. If you do not like black coffee, do not force yourself to drink it this way. Instead, you can find a healthier creamer alternative.

“Plain coffee is packed-full of antioxidants that can help your body in combating oxidative stress and support overall health,” said our medical professional Lauren Manaker. “Unfortunately though, many coffee creamers and sweeteners can make this drink that is naturally healthy a bit less good-for-you. If you’re a black coffee lover, do not mess up a great thing and just drink it black.”

2 — Go easy on the sweeteners.

It is easy for you to lose track of all that sugar you are putting in your cup of coffee, especially if you are used to ordering a specialty coffee drink at your local coffee shop. Over time, this sugar could add up and lead to many unwanted health problems.

“Too much sugar in your cup of coffee every day could cause you to start gaining weight, and for others, it could cause type-2 diabetes,” said Courtney D’Angelo. “It is especially not good for you because you are starting your day with an increase in your blood sugar levels, and your body will have to work to sustain that throughout your day, which means you will start to crave more drinks and foods that have an unhealthy amount of sugar.”

3 — Add some protein to your cup of coffee.

You might think it sounds kind of strange at first but adding protein powder to your coffee could help boost your body’s intake of nutrients early in the morning.

“Protein has a lot of health benefits, but in mainly it helps you lose fat, build muscle and provides the energy that you need during your day,” said D’Angelo. “It can also help you stay full for longer periods, so you are not reaching in the pantry for a sugary breakfast pastry. If you are substituting protein instead of unhealthy creamers and sugars for your coffee, you will start to turn around your health in no time.”

Author: Scott Dowdy

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