This Is The 1st Sign Of The New Covid Variant

Omicron is spreading everywhere right now and just about everyone is at risk for catching the virus. As cautious and vigilant as we may be, the possibility of catching the COVID-19 variant is very likely according to some experts. Dr. Fauci said last week that the variant will “spread to just about everyone.” He reminded everyone about the importance of receiving the vaccine. “Omicron, with its unprecedented, extraordinary, degree of transmissibility and efficiency of, will end up spreading to everybody,” Dr. Fauci said. “Those who have had the vaccine and booster would get exposed to the virus. Some people will get infected with the virus but will most likely, with few exceptions, normally do well in the sense of not being hospitalized or dying.” Experts have explained the signs and symptoms of Omicron that you should watch out for and what steps to take.

1 — Cough

Dr. Kristina Hendija says, “Like the variant that came before it, omicron still impacts the respiratory tract which leads to either non-productive or productive cough. Patients have also complained that they feel that they want to expel phlegm but were unable to do so even though they were coughing repeatedly.”

2 — Fever

“Most of the patients have experienced spells of fever.,” says Dr. Hendija. “They usually mention experiencing a feverish sensation and chills which just lasts for a day or two.”

3 — Fatigue

Dr. Hendija says, “An effect that is expected whenever there’s an infectious process but unlike the delta strain, complaints about easy weakness and fatigability have been significantly lower.”

4 — More Symptoms

Robert G. Lahita MD, says, “Sore throat, being short of breath, congestion, coughing, and fever. However, these are signs of the common cold and flu as well – except for being short of breath, which would point more to COVID-19 than anything else.”

According to Dr. Hendija, “COVID-19 is an infectious process, and it is our immune system that fights off the virus. Having a stronger immune system by leading a healthy lifestyle is a great way of protecting yourself and lowering your risk of getting severe COVID.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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