Top Bodybuilder Shares His Easy Fatloss Blueprint

Are you having trouble losing weight? You may want to take advice from bodybuilder and YouTuber Joe Delaney. He is known for his serious approach to fitness, health, and dietary advice. Delaney has gained subscribers in the hundreds of thousands because of his expertise.

His latest advice? The three “golden” rules for maintainable and safe weight-loss. We have broken down each point for you. “You have to want it more than you want to eat unhealthy foods,” he explains. “I am not saying that everybody will want to…however, if it’s like most of us, for visual reasons, then there isn’t any pressure or obligation.”

Your Hunger Signals

“Being hungry is a force that is irresistible and willpower is not a match for it,” Delaney says in the beginning of his video, which is about controlling your hunger pains and your satiety. “I believe it is much better, in the long run, to keep from feeling hungry to begin with. That means eating food that requires less calories for you to feel like you are full, drinking plenty of water or timing your exercise effectively.”

Pace Yourself

“Take your time,” Delaney said in his second point, which concentrates on losing weight over a period of time.

“If you are trying to lose weight fast and you set your calories too low you are going to get burnt out faster and you will either go into a bing-starve cycle, increase your risk of falling off the wagon, or you will just quit altogether because you will think of it as being too hard, when, actually, you have just made it too hard.”

“Decide how much weight you want to lose each week, and use that as a goal and keep track as you go along.”


“Sometimes, you just need to carry on,” says Delaney. “There are so many different fluctuations and variables that can sometimes make your weight stall for a week for no real reason. You might get to a place where you think ‘you should lower your calories and your weight-loss gets back on track before you have to do anything.”

“Observe, monitor, react and repeat.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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