What Fitness Experts Over 60 Do To Stay Healthy

Having an exercise regimen as you get older is crucial for keeping your mobility, flexibility and muscle mass, and even your mental performance. It’s also vital for maintaining your energy levels high and for keeping a high quality of life. If you are over 60 and want to have these benefits, then read on to discover the tips that fitness experts over 60 report to us as the best way to stay healthy as you age.

1 — Get More Intimate

After age 35, people lose a half a pound of lean muscle each year, and the only way to keep that from happening is testosterone and growth hormone.

The 3 ways to make testosterone and growth hormone are exercise, sleep, and sex. If you are already getting enough sleep and you are getting lots of exercise, consider going for more sex. Remember: the more intense your workout, the more growth hormone and testosterone you create!

2 — Get 2 Days of Weightlifting

Many people over 60 don’t even consider lifting weights—or believe they can’t build muscle as they get older—but that is just not true.

By doing strength training for at least two days each week, you can avoid losing muscle, and thus maintain your strength and balance much longer.

It’s important go easy when you begin, and it might be a good idea to speak with your doctor before starting a weight training program and seek out a personal trainer as you get into the world of strength training.

3 — Work On Compound Lifts

The single best way to stay lean over 60 is to do compound movements like lunges, squats and bench presses, all of which use the major muscles.

These will increase your metabolism for up to 72 hours afterwards as your body builds more muscle that was broken down during your workout.

These full-body lifts will aid your body in building new muscle with the expectation of greater weight in the future. The new muscle will also be metabolically active so it will burn calories even when you are resting

Author: Scott Dowdy

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