How To Easily Lose Inches Off Your Waistline, No Matter Your Age

Many diets ask you for too much, too fast. They are so restrictive and challenging. They will have you frustrated into quitting before you even see results. “Your results won’t last if you can’t stick to a diet long-term,” says Sandy Younan Brikho.

Pick one of the following eating habits suggested by dietitians and stick to it before you go back to the buffet.

1– Eat More, not less often.

Many experts suggest that you eat five or six smaller meals and snacks every day. The goal is to stay full so that you can avoid overeating. However, changing to six meals every day can be hard if you only eat twice a day at the moment. “I suggest you start small, by adding a snack and then slowly adding another meal,” says Brikho. “You will be more successful because you are making smaller changes over a longer period of time. When you eat more frequently every day it will increase your metabolism, which helps your weight loss.”

2– Eat more ‘resistant starches’

Resistant starches go through your small intestine without being digested. They’re fermented by helpful bacteria living in your belly. “The by-products from this process will improve the insulin response and lower fat storage in your waist,” says Kara Landau.

A few resistant starches are grains, nuts, lentils and legumes, raw bananas and potatoes, and seeds. “Eating foods that are high in resistant starch every day will help you get results in a faster period of time,” says Landau.

3– Add these three fat burners to your diet.

When your goal is a flatter belly what you add to your diet plan is much more important than what you take away from it. Janet Coleman, suggests adding these low-calorie foods to your diet daily.

1. Cucumber is full of water content and it is low in calories. “You could substitute rice or bread with a cucumber,” says Coleman.

2. Berries are very high in antioxidants which helps fight radical damage and improves cell health. “Berries have vitamins C, E, and B6, which prevent heart disease, provide anti-aging benefits and increase cognitive function,” she says.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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