Take The Simple Test That Can Predict … Your Death?

As people age, flexibility, balance and strength all get worse. And without prevention, a person can physically decline to where they can no longer move.

But researchers have discovered a solution in the form of a quick test for strength, flexibility and balance. Called the Sitting-Rising Test, or SRT, you begin by standing, and without using your hands or leaning, you squat to the floor, and then stand up without using your hands.

You start with a 10 point score. You then subtract points for each of the following:

  • Knee used for support: -1 point
  • Hand used for support: -1 point
  • Side of the leg used for support: -1 point
  • Forearm used for support: -1 point
  • One hand on knee or thigh: -1 point

This SRT test was given to 2,000 people between ages 51 and 80. Researchers discovered that those who got less than 8 points were twice as likely to pass away within six years versus those who got higher scores.

Those who got 3 or less points were over five times as likely to pass away within the same time compared with those who got over 8 points.

Overall, every point in the SRT score was linked with 21% less mortality from any and all causes. Incredible, right?

The researchers concluded that while aerobic health is important for long life, so to is flexibility. You must always keep moving in other words!

The Tricky Part

Sitting down and getting up without using your hands/knees for help is actually somewhat tricky. Besides agility and strength, it takes some practice.

In the videos below, Danny Clark, the Performance Director from MovNat, walks you through how to sit and stand while using a minimal number of limbs for support.

The methods are shown in increasing difficulty for men, who always lean toward being tight and stiff. Start with the easiest ones and work until you can do all of them. If any one gives you issues, work on it until you can do it easily.

The latter three tricks show more challenging ways get off the ground without help. And any one of those would give you a 10/10 on the SRT test, and will do great things for your mortality.

1) Side Bent Sit Get Up

2) Figure Four Get Up

3) Cross Squat Get Up

4) Squat Get Up

5) Single Leg Squat Get Up

Author: Scott Dowdy

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