This Accessory Adds ‘Rocket-Fuel’ To Your Workout

Adding a small resistance band to your rows can increase the concentric and eccentric tension of your workouts. And this means bigger and easier gains.

Here are five techniques to do it:

1 – Banded Barbell Row (1st)

In this version, the tension is bringing you to the floor, forcing your lower back extensors to keep optimal positioning.

Loop your band around the ends of the bar. The band should be low. Stand with your feet on-top of the band so when you bring the bar up, the tension rises. Hinge over slightly, then bring the bar to your sternum.

2 – Banded Barbell Row (2nd)

The previous version focused on your lower/mid back extension muscles, but this second one really targets your lats.

When you stand holding the bar, your bands will try to pull the bar away from you. Your lats will be worked even before you begin rowing and throughout your set, so extend your shoulder and hold the bar near you.

Put two bands around a rack (near hip-height) with each attached to each end of the barbell. Pick up the bar and get far away from the rack until you see the bands are pulling your bar away. Hinge over slightly and do your rows, keeping your bar near your body through the entire set.

3 – Hammer Strength Row

Couple hammer machines with bands and you have a back-growing powerhouse.

Put your bands around the ends of the machine. Start your pull with your elbows. As you do your rep, you will notice the bands increase the tension.

4 – Inverted Row

Horizontal rows are better for a healthy posture. Vertical pulls are known for their internal rotation. And most folks are internally rotated because of their bad posture. So adding more horizontal rowing to your training is a great thing. They directly workout your mid-back muscles and aid in keeping an upright posture .

Put two large dumbbells on the floor at your sides with a band wrapped around each. The dumbbells should be far enough from each other to create tension in your band. Lay down with your band above your sternum. Pull yourself up.

5 – Dumbbell Row

Dumbbell rows are a great exercise. This variation is among the best.

Put your flat bench pointing toward a rack. Loop your band around the base of the rack, then the other end around the dumbbell. Put your right knee and hand on your bench while rowing. Lock your right arm and “push” away from the bench during the entire set. Start the pull with your left elbow and pull toward your hip to heighten the tension.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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